Online Tools for Communication and Family

A couple of years ago we had our family over visiting from South America and from Green Bay, Wisconsin. They were actually my mother in-love and my mom. It was the first time they were meeting, so they each had a lot to share with each other about the weather, where they live, food, customs, and a lot of other things. Since they were both here for Mother's Day, my husband and I gifted them each with an I-Pad mini. To say they were happy with their new device is an understatement, they were trying so hard to communicate with each other, keep in mind that one spoke only Spanish and the other only English.

Of course, it was better if someone else that understood both languages was with them at all times in case they needed help, but that was not always possible. They've tried hand signs too, it was a lot of laughter back and forth. After trying hard to keep them engaged, someone suggested an online tool. So we showed them how to use Google Translator. At first it seemed like it was a good relief to have them communicate that way. I was in the kitchen and they were both in the dinning room, when I noticed their communication going from so much laughter to complete silence, so I decided to check. Apparently they were both saying messages to each other speaking in their native language and having the online tools interpreting that for them. So for example if my mom said in Spanish "tengo hambre" the online tool would say "I'm hungry" to my mother-in love and so forth.

Well fortunately I was near by, my mom had said something through Google translator in Spanish for my mother in-love to hear it in English, but this time it was not an accurate interpretation at all so when it was said in English, the voice message my mother in-love got was instead a bit offensive and out of place. I was able to jump in and explain what was meant, and it was all good after.

Is good to keep in mind, that translating and interpreting bad information can get us in some trouble, and relying on online tools to translate important information for us can do the same. Human interaction is still an important part of our daily communication. #onlinetools, #interpreting, #keepinmind, #Spanish