Frequently Asked Questions

Why is multiculturalism important to businesses or organizations?

As the U.S. market continues to grow, businesses have the need to learn from their consumers, and learn if different things need to be changed on their products or services to better reach multicultural consumers. Consumers’ behaviors are sometimes influenced by their primary culture, their language, food, family, and heritage.


Thus, the same message about a product might not resonate in the same way with all the cultures, so multicultural research helps by learning how to connect with diverse audiences, and how to adapt products or services to reach out to them. For instance, in financial services… selling life insurance policies to Hispanic consumers could be sometimes hard because Hispanics tend to believe that getting a life insurance means calling in death earlier or attracting it. However, one size does not fit all, it depends on whether the Hispanic consumer has just arrived to the U.S., was born in the U.S. or has been living in the U.S. for a while.

What sets your business apart from other businesses?

What are some important things clients should know about Focus Groups?

I strive to build lasting relationships with my clients and colleagues, and go the extra mile to make projects work. I have experience conducting qualitative research, I'm a multicultural researcher familiar with multicultural consumers and how culture influences behaviors. My love for research is based on rigorous expectations to design and conduct research working as a consultant for major universities such as Colorado State University and Washington State University. Contact me at

I often try to make sure my clients understand that in order to have quality results from focus groups the size of the group matters particularly depending on the topic to be discussed and the audience. I prefer to have 4-6 participants at any given time, or it could get a bit chaotic with more participants than that, especially if we only have an hour. With COVID-19 becoming a new normal, it's important to know that at Infante Consulting and Research we also conduct interviews virtually or via telephone with participants in any part of the world.   

¿Puede realizar los trabajos de investigación en español?

Si claro que sí, sin importar en que parte del mundo se encuentra su organización. Puedo ayudarle tanto en español más localizado para el país en el que se encuentra o en inglés, según sea la necesidad de su compañía. Por favor póngase en contacto enviando un correo electrónico a